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Have you booked your holiday? 

Make sure your dog is booked in with us for theris! 

How old does my pet have to be to board?

All boarding pets must be over 3 months.


What Vaccination will I need?

You will need the yearly booster, we also require the kennel cough vaccination ( this must be done 7 days prior to your dog boarding with us)


Are the kennels hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

No! Our kennels are lovely and cool in the summer as they are within a lovely old stone building with venterlation! In the winter they have heating and underfloor heating so they are lovely and warm for your dogs!


What can we bring in for our pet whilst it is boarding?

You are welcome to bring a toy and or a blanket as a comforter (we provide food and water bowls)


Do you provide food for our pet?

Yes included in the cost of your pet boarding with us is pet food, but you are welcome to supply pet food for any special dietary requirements. 


How long can my pet board with you?

We accommodate daily,short term and long term pet boarding.


Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

Yes we can pick up and or drop off your pet at a convenient time to suit you.

(Call us for more information)


Are you open throughout Christmas and the New Year?

Yes we are open 365 days of the year, but closed to customers on Christmas Day.


Will my pet be put in the same kennel as someones else’s pet?

NO WAY!! We never allow our customers dogs to mix, they all have their own kennel and they are all walked separately.


Will my dog be left in a kennel all day?

No. Exercise is so important. We take the dogs for 2 long walks daily this also gives the chance for the dogs to establish a relationship and socialise with our team.


Will my dog get bored? 

No not at all! Our kennels are busy all day with dogs being taken in and out for exercise, the dogs are given lots of individual attention and they all have TV's to watch!


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